Monday, June 30, 2008

Thing #8 - Information Overload (Otherwise known as RSS Feeds)

I chose Google Reader since we've done so much else with Google. I like the one-stop shopping! I like that I don't have to browse multiple sites to get the information. It's great to have it coming to me. I also like the ease of adding and deleting feeds. That way, I can try out some information sources and easily delete them if they don't pan out. It will be a HUGE help in keeping up with various blogs. I would never have the patience and time to check on multiple blogs just see if anything had been posted. This makes it much more practical.

Like many of these tools, the benefit is in the connections it facilitates. I can learn from others in the same field or with similar interests by reading their posted thoughts or applicable news articles. I can also connect with them personally through email. I don't have to pay conference registration fees and sit at a conference lunch to meet new people and benefit from their ideas! I can get ideas on curriculum, activities for parents, new books for kids, etc. (I also picked up a few tips for managing a 12 month-old on an upcoming plane ride across the US.)

I do have some questions, though...
  1. Does the Google Reader keep the hits it finds forever? I didn't see a delete button, only ways to mark things as read/unread and starring/sharing/tagging options.
  2. How do you manage all the new information coming in? With Alerts and Google Reader, I now have TONS of things to read. I already had trouble managing my email! (And I didn't get to much today since I was playing and learning here for several hours.)
  3. If I subscribe to a post(atom) in a blog for comments, how do I unsubscribe? Does this question even make sense to others?

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VWB said...

if you star them, they will stay "forever"...otherwise, eventually they will drop soon? not sure, maybe 6 months, never really looked!

never have played with the atoim thing so can't help there!