Monday, June 23, 2008

Thing #5 - Flickr

Searching for permissible photos is very cumbersome. It takes quite a while to search each option. But without searching that way, I couldn't tell what permissions were available. I think this would take a lot of time in class.

Of course, I couldn't decide what I pictures I wanted or even what key words to start searching. I also played with uploading my little one's pictures. They're too big, though, so I need to use software at home to make them smaller files. At least, I think that's the problem. I really like that you can share photos and determine your own level of security for them. Also, others can download them for free. I need to move all the baby pics here and get the family to join the group.

Regarding education, I can see giving a photo assignment and having kids comment on them within a group. It would also be neat to take photos of products and post them here for parents.
I couldn't figure out how to get a text box beside the photo to give credit. I decided to hotlink the photo to the Flickr site when I couldn't figure out another solution.


VWB said...

your solution would work!

if you are in the Flickr Creative commons searching for copyright-friendly images is easy ...they are ALL copyright-friendly...the photographers have given permission to use!

see if this info doesn't help

VWB said...

hummmmm? part of the url is cut off. usually they wrap. anyway here is the rest


atxteacher said...

I should have been more specific about it being difficult. Searching within each different category is time consuming. I would like it if all the Creative Commons could be searched as one large group instead of separate ones.

Thanks for the info - I didn't use the "size" options for the pictures which would have saved me time!