Monday, June 23, 2008

Thing #3 - My First Blog

Templates are a wonderful thing. I can't believe how easy it was to set up this blog. I tend to be very picky about lay-out and colors, so I may spend more time fiddling with those. Of course, I spent an inordinate amount of time working on a name. I hope to continue to use this blog after the Library2Play class is over, so I wanted a name that would facilitate that. I'm not overly thrilled with 2BGT, but it is somewhat open to interpretation which is good, in my opinion. I'm curious about all the blogs who have the dozen names I tried first.

I debated a bit about the Avatar - go with realistic or totally fantasy. I opted for realistic (though the hair is what I think would be fun to have). It's nice to have the freedom to change it. Though it's a real time zapper - I have no idea how long I spent trying different things. I'm going to check out the Avatars of my classmates to see if they went for realism.


LauraAnn said...

Hi there, 2bgt! I know what you mean about the importance of a name. Juliet had it all wrong: there is so much to a name.

I am very excited about a GT training on creativity next week (I'm in Houston, by the way), so your blogname naturally caught my eye!

I'll pop in again... Thanks for letting me look around!

Joylene Butler said...

Thank you for visiting my site & commenting on my blog (Doubts, Self-Deprivation & Creativity). You're absolutely correct about our internal monologue. I raised 5 boys who never once doubted the abilities they excelled in. They had doubts about other stuff, but it was often so foreign to me that by the time they reached 13, I knew with certainty that men are from Mars & woman are from Venus.

It was a pleasant shock to see a comment on my post; at first I took it for granted it would be from a family member or close friend. To think you took time out to read what I had to say is beyond delightful. Yes, I doubt, there4 I must be a woman.

Have a great day. I like your page very much. What you are doing with your life is admirable. You go, girl.