Monday, September 29, 2008

GT Book Study Question 4

Being an educator and/or a parent, what skills would you need to develop in order to live, work, or create an educational environment of highly gifted. Why?

GT Book Study Question 3

This book is designed to share practical information and stories from those who have lived and or worked with profoundly gifted children. Which story, section, or piece of practical information did you like best or left an impression with you…and why? Don't forget to give page numbers.

GT Book Study Question 2

Chapter 5, pages 48 – 64, discussing different instruments for identifying the profoundly gifted. After reading this section, describe your belief as to the importance in correctly identifying these students. How do you see SBISD now and in the future serving the highly gifted?

GT Book Study Question 1

What was your overall impression of the first part of the book…and why? (Be specific with your answer and if giving an example from the book, remember to site the page(s)).

GT Book Study - High IQ Kids - Directions

SBISD educators participating in the fall GT Book Study on High IQ Kids are to post their responses to the first assigned reading. The questions will follow these directions. Each participant must respond to each posted question, then comment on at least 2 other people's responses.

Make sure you claim your responses! Don't post anonymously because you can't get credit that way!

The deadline to respond is October 20th.