Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Thing #13 - Tagging and

Well that took forever! But all my bookmarks from my desk computer are in my account. I'm not looking foward to entering the bookmarks from my laptop, but there are much fewer sites marked and some will be duplicates. It has always been annoying to go the bookmarks on my laptop, only to discover the sites I was looking for were marked on my desk computer! This will really help.

I don't seem to be able to get the code needed to put a link on the sidebar of this blog. When I go to the link rolls page, the code never comes up. I can choose some things at the bottom, but code never appears in the box. Since I couldn't figure out how to make that work, I decided to try just adding the network badge. I copied the code in the box, pasted it in the html/Java box in my blog layout page, but nothing showed up! If you look at my side bar, you'll see blank spot where it should be. Any suggestions?

I like the flexibility of the tagging and I love being able to see other people's tags. I think this could be a great resource. I finally understand how to interpret those clouds! For me, they are very busy and bit frenetic to view, but they make a lot more sense now!

Publishing a link roll on your blog would be an interesting way for parents or teachers to keep track of a kid's interests. Rather than doing an interest inventory, you could view a kid's link roll or tag roll and see what they're bookmarking and tagging most often. It would also be a good way to keep track of internet research that kids are doing. It could be part of an assessment of a product.

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Barry said...

When you go to the "links roll page" look for an HTML box to add. I think that might help.