Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thing #12 - Commenting

Point 1 - Contribute to the discussion. When you read a post with which you connect, comment. I tend to be a lurker. I think it's because I'm nervous about making a comment that goes into the permanent public record. I started thinking about this when I was reading some of the comments made in Draper's Takes interaction included in my previous post today. Ryan Bretag commented

...participatory media does not allow K-12 students to make mistakes within a smaller culture.... The thing is that my mistakes, heated situations, odd conversations, etc. weren't there for the world to see. This mistake (not really the best description of the situation but stick with me) is now there for the world to see and is part of his virtual footprint.

I'm paranoid about even silly things like typos, let alone my post being misinterpreted. Of course, it goes deeper than that to my insecurities and vanity. How will this post make me appear to others? Needless to say, I have been very hesitant to comment.

Point 2 - Respond to comments and appropriately manage comments on your own blog. Not a big issue for me, so far, not many hits! (I do have one I need to get to immediately - sorry lauraann) But I have noticed that the few times I was moved to comment on someone else's blog, they came to mine and contacted me. It was very exciting to make that connection! It was a reward for being brave enough to risk making the comment.

I'm starting to think more about putting my name out there. Of course, it's accessible via the email I'm using. Still, I'd like to read more about the pros and cons of this.

When I've commented...
  • Creative doubt - My Google Alert picked up on Joylene Nowell Butler's post on Doubt, Self-Deprivation, and Creativity. I immediately connected to her comments and felt moved to respond. Maybe all creative women doubt their abilities. I think most gifted females feel like frauds - that any time now everyone will figure out I'm not as smart as they seem to think I am. Joylene responded to my comment by commenting on my Thing #3 post.
  • Asynchronous development - As I mentioned above and in previous post, I was terribly excited as I read the interaction on Drape's Takes. I was nervous about responding directly on that blog, though. I was concerned that my comment would start a totally different thread - though that might be a good thing. Instead, I commented on The Tempered Radical's post.

The suggested readings for this Thing were very helpful. I was losing my momentum in this learning experience, but am rejuvenated. I'm getting excited about the opportunity to connect with others and expand my opportunities for growth.


Kinder2:) said...

I think that teachers and doctors are under a magnifier more than any other profesion and we are very aware of that. I can imaging adding the GT label! Just remember you are a wonderful human being, so don't worry about "How will this post make me appear to others?"
To make my point strong, how do you feel now that people are reading your comments and geting back to you?
By the way, thank you for giving me the hint about email alerts comments.

Teacher Mommy said...

Hello! Thanks for the comment. I was surprised to find a comment when I signed in today!

I put the fire helmet on because my little boy likes to pretend he's a fireman! My husband liked the outfit and my son liked the fire hat!

I taught elementary for three years and now am a stay at home Mom with our son.

VWB said...

as you spend more time with these things and how info/experences are shared, I think you find commenting is "easy"'s like sitting in a meeting or f2f class and waiting for the right moment to make a verbal comment.

atxteacher said...

Teachers certainly are under a lot of scrutiny. We are caring for the most precious things parents have - their children. And everyone has the universal experience of school, though that experience varies greatly. Since most folks experienced "schooling" they have opinions about it!

And receiving comments is exciting. I'll keep that in mind when I'm hesitant.

The Apron Queen said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. See, isn't commenting fun! :) It is a little scary at first though.

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