Friday, May 29, 2009

Thing #19 - Web 2.0 Awards List

Lulu - Wow! I could publish my dissertation this way! I wonder if publishing houses watch what's produced here. I searched "gifted" and found a book published by a 7th grade GT class: As Poe Would Tell It. It's students retelling of stories in Edgar Allen Poe style. I also found GATE Poems 2007, a collection of poems by an elementary GT class. This gives students a truly authentic audience. Part of the project could be using other Web 2.0 tools to market the book. It would also be interesting to get a couple of different books and have students compare them to traditionally published works. It's be a good analysis activity to get to the roots of quality writing.

Craigslist - Big fan! My back yard has 3 pieces of toddler play equipment that we purchased through Craigslist. All three were purchased for the price of 1 new. Two needed some cleaning, but the third was practically new. I'm addicted! I would have loved this kind of access when I was a teacher. I spent tons on manipulatives and thematic stuff for my elementary classroom. I could have saved big time using Craigslist. Also, my husband found an incredible math tutor in our area via Craigslist. My hubby did well in online college Algebra thanks to that tutor!

Wufoo - Interesting. I think a teacher could use this to collect data with his/her classroom, if the class has a blog or web site. Maybe they want to survey who is viewing the blog. Maybe they want ideas on a service project. A free account would probably be enough for the elementary level. Secondary teachers might need a bigger account. Being highly visual, I love the presentation of the web site and the forms it creates. I also love the ease and user-friendly tools. They sure have some big name clients!

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