Friday, May 29, 2009

Thing #17 - Rollyo

I'm always looking for new sources of information, so I like searching the whole web. When I search, part of what I'm looking for is new resources. Maybe for a quick, what do the experts have on this, I could use a Rollyo that I created with my key sources.

I had trouble uploading my bookmarks so I entered some sites individually. I'll have to try uploading the bookmarks again. And maybe adding the Bookmarklet would make it easier for me. My Rollyo is called Gifted Ed Resources. I changed the name after I found TAGT had created one with the same title I originally used.

I definitely see how this would be VERY useful in the classroom. It would greatly narrow the results of searches and ensure the results were appropraite for the audience. A teacher could ensure that students would find the meatiest and most accurate resources. That would save a lot of time and create a safe environment.

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