Thursday, November 18, 2010

To Blog or Not to Blog

I've been debating - actually more like ruminating - on whether I could/should/would maintain a blog. I really enjoy reading a number of the blogs on gifted education and see it as a powerful communication tool. I think the parents I serve in my school district would benefit from my maintaining a blog. I see it as a place that I can readily provide updated information that would support parents of gifted students.

Do I have something to offer that isn't already out there? I'm not sure. Are my writing skills as honed as the authors of the blogs I regularly read? No. Will I be able to carve out the time to truly maintain a blog? Probably not.

The time is my biggest obstacle. I think one stop shopping - or at least a reference starter - would be helpful to parents. I'm okay with not being the best writer. (Actually, that's a lie. But it is a good opportunity to work on my perfectionism.) The time, though? That's a hurdle.

I've decided to publicly try to get over the hurdle. I'm just going to try it and see. I don't get to "just try it" very often. Most of the decisions I make have too much of an impact on children or parents or my budget to "just try it." I don't see those risks here.

So here goes. I'm going to maintain this blog as a resource for parents of gifted children in Spring Branch ISD. I will share the most interesting nuggets that I pick up from my PLN (personal learning network). I will not commit to a time frame as I see that destined to disappoint. Keep your fingers crossed and let's get started!


Angie said...

I hereby christen your blog and wish you many, many wonderful entries and visitors!

AspenPhoto said...

Thank you, Lynette for promising to continue blogging. I love reading what you have to say and am always inspired. So please, continue to contribute as you can. This conversation is too important to just leave to others. I just wish more people would join in and continue to contribute. I love your piece on Dr. Lienhard.